Bridget Jenkins, affectionately known as "Ms. B", Founder and Visionary of Beauty Is

Beauty is, living a rich full life being you...

Becky Escalante

Beauty is loving yourself inside and out. It is being confident yet humble. It is being generous and kind. 


Brittney Smith

Beauty is, no matter what you look like, or where you come from, if you have a good heart, your beauty shows automatically. 


Brittany Lynton

Beauty is loving yourself unconditionally and knowing that you were made in the image and likeness of God our Creator.

Who is Bridget

The proud wife of Keith Jenkins for over eighteen years and is his partner in ministry. Together they have 4 children, known as "The Fantastic Four" and 7 beautiful grandchildren. While Bridget has spoken at several women forums, today she's committed to developing Beauty Is, the work God has called her to.  

She believes that every woman has a unique beauty that doesn’t start on the outside; it begins on the inside!  Her mission is to help women of all ages accept, celebrate and enjoy their internal and external beauty, which can ultimately tie them to their intended purpose in life. In response to her zeal, Beauty Is was birthed, creating events that bring women together to discover their true identity as we connect them to The Creator.

Bridget is a woman who is not ashamed to share that she’s been a child of God for over 45 years, but have most recently “accepted” that she is His beloved daughter and says the “pop in her fizzle” is that He revealed her originality and purpose. Her tag line for life says that she is “living a rich full life because she enriches the lives of others”.

Emerged as a highly-respected beauty leader, reaching a diverse audience and is known and loved for her jovial spirit and ability to communicate with authority and humor. A graduate from Von Lee School of Aesthetics, successfully received a certificate in Leadership from Washington Bible College and Christian Leaders Institute; has spoken at several women events; served as a facilitator to help women reach their full potential and holds a certificate in Oral Communications.  In addition, she has completed multiple online classes from Christian Leaders Institute to further her education in the Word of God. 


It is her goal to continue to intensify her relationship with God and to passionately make Him known to others.