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Image Workshops

Our mission is to build a healthy mental and physical image in 120 women every year.  Our organization is a powerful catalyst for change.  We provide spiritual counseling, physical fitness trainers, nutritionists, makeup/skincare specialists and more to develop our participants from the inside out.  Our workshops, along with weekly mentoring and daily meditations are the tools we use to help them reach their goals. 

Internal Beauty

  • Defining Yourself.  We were all born with a false image of ourselves and we have been trying to find out who we are since birth.  When we don’t understand who we are, we will let others define us.  We are never satisfied because while we try to be someone else, we will never fulfill who we were originally intended to be.

  • Transforming our identity from one of discontent to one of satisfaction.  What is the center of our identity and why we feel the way we do?  When we see ourselves or others wrong, we will believe wrong which will lead to dissatisfaction.

  • Learn to become self-aware.  Understanding our emotions are the key to self-awareness.  We cannot control or change what we do not understand. 

  • Learn to control your emotions. Self-regulation will help us to improve interpersonal relationships.  Learning to set boundaries and realize when to move forward or stop.

  • Learn how to self-motivate.  Learning what drives you and to install skill sets to keep you moving in the right direction.

  • Developing empathy for others.  Once we realize our true identity, we begin to see people clearly and how to focus on their needs.  Once an individual is satisfied with self, they are more willing to seek out and help others.

  • Putting other people's needs first is the key to interpersonal relationships.  People with healthy esteem are more willing to let others shine.  They are confident with themselves and they do not need others to always pat them on the back.​

Giving a Speech
Girl Gazing
Female Friends
Colleagues Working Together

External Beauty

Physical Fitness Trainers/Nutrition

  • Learn your body type and understand a workout that best suits your needs

  • Learn what foods to eat in order to reach desired goals

  • How does our body react to multiple foods

  • The benefits and how to fast

  • Learn when to eat is as important as what you eat

  • Learn what foods we should avoid and what foods we should embrace

Esthetician/Makeup Artist

  • What type of skin do you have

  • How to care for various kinds of skin

  • All about sun-blocks, moisturizes and cleaning agents

  • How to prepare your skin for makeup

  • Learn how to apply and remove makeup properly

Personal Stylist

  • What are the newest trends in fashion

  • What is proper etiquette for various engagements

  • How to dress professionally

  • Learn how your style attracts or distracts the type of attention you desire

  • Proper hair care

  • What styles best suit your physical body type

  • Learn the hottest new hair styles

Fit Woman
Makeup Studio
Fashion Models
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