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Beauty Is, Inc. Photo ***Disclaimer***

Notice to all participants attending any Beauty Is workshops/events.  You are hereby informed that all Beauty Is workshops/events will be photographed and as a participant, you hereby acknowledge that this will serve as your “Photograph Release Form”, which will be effective for all event(s) you attend with us.  If selected, you hereby authorized Beauty Is, to edit, change, advertise, copy and make any use of all photos of you to be used for advertisement and/or promotional materials. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to payment or any sort of charge for such action.  If any photos are selected of you, you authorize the use of your photograph for, but not limited to, publication on the internet, magazines, journals, books, articles, etc., provided that it is done for lawful purposes. Upon the usage of your photograph, you consent to such materials becoming the sole property of Beauty Is and that you will no longer be entitled to them, provided that it is done for lawful purposes. You hereby release all rights to any, but limited to, claims, rights, demands, and/or any causes of action by you or your representatives, heirs or anyone else. Furthermore, you hereby waive your right to any royalty or any other compensation with regard to the usage of any photos to which you are photographed. Thank you.

Terms of Beauty Is, Inc. Gratis/Giveaways ***Disclaimer***

Gratis/giveaways that are provided and used, are for the sole purpose of Beauty Is workshop events.  None of Beauty Is gratis/giveaways are refundable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash nor returnable to any store to which product/goods are sold.  Gratis/giveaways are drawn during Beauty Is workshops. Participants will need to be present in person or virtually to qualify.  If the participant is not present, they must agree to arrange the best date and time for all parties involved, to pickup said gratis/giveaway with an executive of Beauty Is.  If the participant chooses to have the gratis/giveaway shipped, all shipping/packaging expenses will fall solely on receiver of gratis/giveaway and must be arranged before shipment is solidified.  If these terms are not met, another gratis/giveaways ticket will be drawn.  Beauty Is and it's executives, affiliates, sponsors or associates are not responsible for the quality of gratis/giveaways provided.  If there are any physical, mental or any other adverse reactions from any of the gratis/giveaways, no executive, affiliate, sponsor or associates are will be responsible.  Thank you.

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