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Growing up I've always battled with self esteem issues.  Even when I lost weight I was still unaware of the beauty I held inside and out.  I was never the type of girl that was pampered and wore makeup, etc.  I'm more so timid and reserve; a behind the scenes type of person.  However, when I attended this inspiring event, my perspective on myself changed.  Through various activities and words of empowerment shared, I was able to re-define myself and the nature of what beauty truly is.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and God has created us all beautiful no matter the shape, size or shade.  I can honestly say that this experience was very uplifting and made me feel good about myself for a change.


At a place, I’ve never imagined being, I felt lost, and unworthy of the life that was handed to me.  I have four beautiful children, and the only time I’ve truly felt that I wasn’t alone, and that I was still loved was when Beauty Is came and spoke to our group.  The energy could be felt that Keith and Bridget were truly full of the love of Jesus, and reminded me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that we have the power to control to see ourselves as perfect as Jesus sees us.  Bridget and Keith I cannot wait to see you on the other side.  you are beautiful people!


Keith and Bridget helped me to get through my time here by having love and a positive attitude with each other and everyone of us. They bring light into a dark place, and remind us that this is just temporary.  Everything will be okay and we can get through this.  Every time I go to this class I feel so much better. Thank you both for all you do. Xoxo 


Ms. Bridget is a bright shining light in this world. She brightens everyone’s day with her smile, she extends herself for everyone and anyone she encounters, she is a fierce leader to everyone she meets and is my mentor.  Ms. B has showed me how to have faith in God and embrace my strengths and capabilities. Her guidance has lead me to promotion after promotion because of the skills she taught me. She taught me how to have courage, believe in myself and to stand up for what’s right and now I am closer to God through prayer. Ms B loved me through all of my processes and she will do the same for anyone she mentors, exuding happiness and joy. Her energy is contagious and her love is endless, she is one of the most important people in my life. 


Keith and Bridget gave me hope.  When I felt lost, they helped me to see that things can always get better through God and Jesus. 


I really enjoy “Beauty Is” they donate their precious time, and it makes you feel special because they really care. The humor they bring makes time go by quickly.  Thank you for coming, it’s just like God sending Angels right into jail


From the very first time I met Bridget, a/k/a Ms. B, I was totally captivated by her ability to draw in, as well as command the attention of everyone she was speaking to. Bridget and I worked together for several years and I would often have the pleasure of being present or just bypassing when she was giving one of her dynamic motivational speeches. Her words of encouragement inspired many people regardless of age or gender. She has a special way of connecting with young ladies and making them feel like anything is possible! When I later had the opportunity to work with her in ministry through her organization, I was so very honored to do so. I know that she has a true desire to help, inspire and encourage others. She is one truly amazing woman.


Beauty Is has helped me and is helping me. Y’all have helped me a lot through the topics and conversations about God.  It have gotten me through all these days and helped me get through this little journey.  I really appreciate that and that is such a blessing. God put y’all in this place and the words to help me get through and I’m glad I met you Ms B and Dr. K, y’all are very kind and sweet people, I thank y’all so much.


I attended the grand opening of Beauty Is and was so encouraged to know that it goes far beyond what can be seen on the outside.  It was a treat to hear women young and old share their beauty from the inside which made them beautiful on the outside.  Empowering women to be beautiful is what I love about Beauty Is.


I really enjoyed myself at one of the Beauty Is events. I came in looking for the meeting to be one thing but it turned out to be a blessing and definitely a few confirmations. Since leaving I began sharing the experience with others. A few of my takeaways were that I loved how Ms. Bridget intentionally was mindful of the fact that beauty is not just about taking care of our outer appearance but the information was brought from a few different angles that made you think. Ms. Bridget and her consultants focused on the whole woman’s beauty from a holistic, spiritual, and self care perspective. 


Beauty Is events have helped me to look at my inner beauty and outer beauty.  It also helped me to recognize that the way I think and speak influences my perception about myself and my relationships with others.

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