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Our assignment is to develop godly character and teach men how to be strong leaders.  Our goal is for these men to develop the greatest version of themselves through servant leadership using the wisdom and power of Christ.

Lifting Weights

Our Story

God has used every failure of mine to teach me the value of true humility.  Success in this world doesn't equate to success in God's Kingdom.  True leaders must first learn the value of service before they will be used as leaders in God's Kingdom.  God teaches us how to let go of our own self esteem and replaces it with His esteem.  When you realize you never had the power to achieve anything is when you learn to accept the limitless value of God's love.  Transforming our character into the character of Christ is what God desires most.  We want to help men see that their best version of themselves can only be found within the image of God. That is the purpose of every man.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients

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