Sweaters on a Rack

We are accepting "new" apparel in ALL sizes to be placed in Ms. B's Kloset.  We are accepting the following:

  1. Pants

  2. Dresses

  3. Skirts

  4. Blouses/Shirts

  5. Handbags

  6. Shoes

  7. Jewelry

  8. Scarfs/Hats

  9. Monetary donations* 

To donate apparel please contact us. Click here.

To make monetary donations for Ms. B's Kloset click below:

Help Us to Help Them

Welcome to Ms B's Kloset

How many of you know that everyone can pick out the pretty girls in the room?  Yet, many of our girls/women go unnoticed because they are unable get dressed and attend events that we naturally enjoy.  We have noticed and Beauty Is has launched "Ms. B's Kloset"!  In addition to a time of learning, growing and embracing our unique beauty, YOU can be a part of helping us "dress" young women from under privileged homes, safe houses and shelters. 

At Ms. B's Kloset, we partner with organizations that bring in young women who are interested in attending our beauty events.  The young women are given an opportunity to pick out an outfit and wear it to any of our events.  Simple, yet very powerful!  Every girl or woman should have confidence that she is valuable and not judged by her inability to get excellent clothing.  Ms. B's Kloset will provide "new" apparel that they can pick from for FREE and wear it with confidence.  Matthew 25:34-40

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